Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog 101..

Let me start with a sigh.....SIGH. Well, I guess that's what most blondies do. Today, I have decided to venture back into this so called new found hobby of mine (which totally got ditched after the first year), BLOGGING. I don't know if people even do this any more. Do they?

Well, hope so. Perhaps, I tried it out for all the wrong reasons. You know, like money, fame & fortune (wait a minute, it's still the reason why I'm doing this). So yeah, big 'fat' companies out there, please use my blog to endorse, endorse & ENDORSE!

This time around, I'll try to build back the ruins that I have created by just trying to be more committed. I'll do it till someone pukes green 'froggy like' vomit if I have to. Pinky swear on that.

For now, I'll keep things sweet as 'pie' & short, with hope that it'll bake itself into a big wedding cake (to go along with the Vera Wang wedding dress I've been dreaming of).

So, wait until the BIG day arrives & I find a guy to marry....tee hee!~ So bunnies, get hoppin' here & we'll prove to them, that a bunny can be mightier than a lion.

XOXO for now...